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Architectural Lighting Design

As experienced and creative designers, we are able to offer a wide range of lighting design and consulting services to the architectural, exhibit and entertainment industries.

Over the past 40 years, we have proven track record of many efficient, dynamic and award winning designs on hundreds of lighting projects throughout the world.

Our architectural projects include: hotels, casinos, bridges, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, theatres and churches. Our specialty work includes: museums, art galleries, and large scale automated exhibits.

Architectural lighting deals with the human response to the luminous environment. Architectural lighting was once the science of simply providing appropriate illumination. Today, architectural lighting is a complex merger of art, science, technology, psychology, and human aesthetics.

We take a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to each project, from development to final project completion and strive to produce dynamic designs that are energy efficient, on time and on budget. Typically, we work as speciality consulants directly with the Architect or Owner.
Our services include facility lighting design, planning and studies. We can also develop detailed drawings & technical equipment specifications, including the following:.

Complete Lighting Design Services
Energy Efficiency Studies
Specifications drawings and plans
Contracts - bid documents and supervision of tender process.
Project Management - site supervision, maintenance manuals, training
Lighting Product Research - specialized and unique products.
Photometric Calculations - existing or proposed designs.

Bill Williams is also one of Canada's best known and most accomplished stage lighting designers.

He has designed extensively from Vancouver to New York to London's West End.

His lighting designs have represented a wide range of productions and installations in many countries throughout the world.

Please contact us directly for further information or assistance with a particular project.

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