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Theatre Consultants

Centennial Concert Hall

Bill Williams & Associates are experienced professional Theatre Consultants and Designers.

We offer comprehensive design and planning services to the Owner, Architect or Facility Planner. 
Our consulting projects have included theatres, auditoriums, concert halls, performing arts centres, and a wide range of other cultural facilities.

Our services include consulting towards the layout of all areas, including the the
atre, auditorium, lobby, backstage, and all public spaces.

Bill Williams & Associates was established in Canada, in the early 1970's.

Today we have more than 40 years (and 500 project credits) of experience, working on a wide variety of domestic and international projects.

Our services include both general facility planning as well as detailed technical equipment design and specifications.


Projects include wo
rk across Canada, in the U.S.A., the UK, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Our associates include leading specialty consultants from around the world, assembled on a project by project basis.

Over the years, we have produced many successful, unique, and award winning designs in our travels to over 35 countries.


We are able to assist with the design and development of a facility from the early stages of planning, through to the final stages of completion. 

We are also able to provide complete studies of proposed facilities or comprehensive evaluations of existing ones.

We can develop full design criteria, specifications and drawings for all theatrical needs.


Our services include, general facility design, planning and studies, as well as the development of detailed drawings and technical equipment specifications.
We can also provide comprehensive tender documents and assist with all phases of the tender process. 

Specifications can include: electrical, lighting, sound, communications, rigging, drapery, seating, audio visual,  projection systems and other stage equipment.

Bill Williams is also one of Canada's best known and most accomplished stage lighting designers. He has designed extensively from Vancouver to New York to London's West End.

His lighting designs have represented a wide range of productions and installations in many countries throughout the world. Please contact us directly for further information or assistance with a particular project.

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