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Production Lighting Design

Bill Williams is one of Canada's best known and most accomplished stage lighting designers.

With more than 40 years of experience, he has designed the lighting for many 100ís of theatre, opera, and dance productions, across Canada
, in Europe, Asia, South America, Britain, and the U.S.A

Lighting design projects have also included large-scale environmental events, television specials, theme parks, Olympic Games, World Expos and Royal Visits.

Bill is also an architectural lighting designer and has worked on a  wide range of commerical projects, including museums, art galleries, performing arts centres, theatres, churches, and casinos.

Bill trained in New York at the Studio and Forum of Stage Design and at the New York Institute of Photography.

He is also an author, teacher and the founder, director and C.E.O. of Bill Williams and Associates.

Our services include comprehensive lighting design services for a wide range of productions and events, including: Theatre, Dance and Opera, Corporate and Commercial, Exhibit and Display, Television and Video, Arena and Stadium events, Environmental events, Theme Parks, World Expos & World Fairs.

Please contact us directly for further information or assistance with a particular project.

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