Lighting Manufacturers

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Architectural Lighting.

ABACUS LIGHTING - (UK) sports lighting, equipment and services.
AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC LIGHTING - (USA) architectural fixtures & accessories.
ANGLEPOISE LIGHTING - (UK) task lighting, office, industrial, medical.
BERCHTOLD- (USA) medical lighting fixtures.
BOYD LIGHTING - (USA) commercial, residential and retail luminaires.
COOPER LIGHTING - (USA) Halo, Metalux, Lumark, McGraw Edison, & more.
CROUSE-HINES  - (USA) industrial & commercial lighting products.
DAZOR MANUFACTURING CORP - (USA) portable task lighting.
DEEPSEA  POWER AND  LIGHT - (USA) underwater lighting. 
DESIGNPLAN - (USA) vandal proof and institutional luminaires.
FIBERSTARS - (USA) fiber optic lighting.
FUNCTIONAL METAL- (USA) custom, large scale and decorative luminaires.
GARDCO - (USA) area, roadway, floodlighting, poles. (Thomas)
GE LIGHTING SYSTEMS hid, industrial, roadway and Aladan software.
HOLOPHANE - (USA)  outdoor, industrial, historic, hid, glass.
HUBBELL LIGHTING - (Canada)  industrial & commercial lighting products.
HUBBELL LIGHTING - (USA) industrial & commercial lighting products.
HYDREL - (USA) exterior, hid lighting fixtures. (Lithonia).
IRIDEON - (USA), (from ETC). automated luminaires for architecture.
INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING - (USA) fine commercial and residential luminaires.
JUNO LIGHTING - (USA) commercial, residential, track lighting.
KIM LIGHTING - (USA) exterior lighting fixtures.
L.C. DOANE COMPANY - (USA) security, marine and speciality lighting.
LEDALITE - (Canada) linear, direct and indirect lighting fixtures.
LIGHTING & ELECTRONICS - (L&E) - (USA) metal halide fixtures & accessories.
LIGHTING SERVICES INC. - (USA) display, museum, fiber optic and track lighting.
LITECONTROL - (USA) fluorescent fixtures.
LITHONIA LIGHTING - (USA) architectural fixtures.
LOUIS POULSEN - (Denmark) architectural fixtures.
LSI - INDUSTRIES - (USA) interior and exterior luminaires, led lighting.
LUTRON - (USA) dimming and control.
MILLS ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING (Ca) lighting for houses of worship.
MUSCO LIGHTING - (USA) sports, large area  and temporary lighting.
NATIONAL CATHODE CORP. - (USA)  cold cathode lighting.
PEERLESS LIGHTING - (USA) interior, office, classroom.
lighting fixtures.
PROGRESS LIGHTING - (USA) residential and commercial fixtures.
RAB ELECTRIC - (USA) industrial, exterior and vandal proof fixtures.
RAMBUSCH - (USA)  lighting for houses of worship.
RUDD LIGHTING - (USA) industrial, commercial and residential.
RUSSELL LIGHTING - (Canada)  interior commercial and residential luminaires.
SIEMENS - (Germany) industrial, commercial and sports lighting.
SWIVELIER - USA adjustable lighting, converters & extenders.
THOMAS and BETTS - (USA) wide range of lighting / electrical products.
THORN LIGHTING - (UK) industrial and commercial fixtures.
TIR SYSTEMS light pipes.
VISTA LIGHTING - (USA) hospital and institutional lighting fixtures.
WALDMAN LIGHTING - (USA) German headquarters, ergonomic task lighting.

Theatre / Film / Television.

ADB - (Belgium) lighting fixtures & accessories - a Siemens Co.
ALTMAN STAGE LIGHTING - (USA) lighting fixtures & accessories. 
ARRI LIGHTING - (Germany) high quality fixtures for film and television.
AVAB - (Sweden) dimmers & control consoles.
AVOLITES - (Britain) lighting control.
CCT - (Britain)  lighting fixtures.
CELCO - (Britain) lighting control consoles.
CLAY PAKY automated fixtures.
COLORTRAN - (USA) (now: Leviton / NSI) fixtures, dimmers, and control. 
COOL-LUX - (USA) film & video lighting fixtures & lighting kits. 
COMPULITE - (Israel)  lighting control consoles.
DE SISTI - (Italy) film/TV lighting fixtures.
DEXEL SRL - (Argentina) stage, TV and video luminaires.
DOVE SYSTEMS - (USA) dimmers and control systems.
ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS fixtures, dimming & control. 
FLYING PIG SYSTEMS - (Britain) control systems for automated luminaires.
GRIVEN - (Italy) luminaires, projectors, searchlights, disco.
HIGH END SYSTEMS automated fixtures. NICE SITE! 
IANIRO LIGHTING - (Italy) distributed in N.A. by 'Strand Lighting'.
KUPO - (China) par cans, cyc lights and fog machines.
LEPRECON - (USA) (from CAE) control consoles & dimmers. (also 'Littlite')
LIGHTING & ELECTRONICS - (L&E) - (USA) fixtures, distribution and accessories.
LTM - (France and USA  rep.) film and television luminaires.
LUDWIG PANI - (Italy)  high power optical projectors.
LYCIAN - (USA)  follow spots. 
MARTIN - (Denmark) automated fixtures.
MC LIGHTS - (Canada) custom fabrication, fixtures, stage, film, tv.)
MUSCO LIGHTING - (USA) sports and large area lighting.
MOLE RICHARDSON - (USA)  fixtures, accessories, film lighting.
MORPHEUS LIGHTS - automated fixtures.
NIETHAMMER - (Germany) fixtures, dimming & control (rep: ADB Belgium)
NSI CORPORATION - (USA) lighting control and dimming.
PHOEUBS - (USA) followspots - (Ultra-arc products).
PULSAR - (UK) luminaires, control consoles, strobes and SFX.
REICHE AND VOGEL - (Germany) theatre and television lighting.
ROBERT JULIAT - (France) high performance luminaires
SELECON - (New Zealand) fixtures - 'Pacific' series is a cool design!
SPOTLIGHT - (Italy) fixtures, spotlights and followspots.
STRAND LIGHTING - (U.S.A.)  fixtures, dimming and control consoles.
STRONG INTERNATIONAL LTD.- (USA) follow spots - (Super-Trouper) products.
THEATRELIGHT - (New Zealand) dimmers and control.
THOMAS ENGINEERING - (UK/USA) par fixtures and lighting truss.
TIMES SQUARE STAGE LIGHTING - (USA) lighting fixtures, dimming, control & rentals.
VARI*LITE - (USA) automated fixtures.
VIDEOSSENCE - (USA) energy efficient fixtures for film/tv.

Speciality / Special Effects / Accessories.

AIRSTAR - (France) balloon lights.
APOLLO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. - (USA) stock and custom templates (gobos).
CALIFORNEON - (USA) electroluminescent tape lite kits.
CITY THEATRICAL - (USA)  many theatre lighting related products.
DERKSEN - graphic and logo projection equipment.
DHA LIGHTING - (Britain) lighting templates, SFX, rotators and more.
DIVERSITRONICS - (USA) strobes and strobe controls.
EDMUND SCIENTIFIC - (USA) a great source for science and optics stuff.
FRANCIS SEARCHLIGHTS LTD - (Britain) searchlights, marine, defence & architectural.
GREAT AMERICAN MARKET - (USA) color filters, templates, SFX, and much more.
GOBOLAND - (Belgium) custom and stock templates (gobos).
LEE FILTERS - (UK) color filters
LITTLITE - (USA) gooseneck lamps & accessories.
MAGIC LITE LTD. - (Canada) rope light, linear lighting, speciality lighting.
METEOR - (USA) special effects, lighting and mechanical.
NOCTURN - (USA) ultraviolet lamps, products, and effects.
OMNI GLOW - (USA) 'Cyalume' and other 'glow' products.
OPTIKINETICS - (Britain) moving effects projection and strobes.
RAINBOW COLOR CHANGERS - (Germany) automated colour changers.
ROSCO LABS - (U.S.A.)  color filters, templates, SFX and much more.
ROSCO - ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY special FX for stage, film & TV.
SHANNON LUMINOUS MATERIALS - (USA) ultraviolet paints, dyes and other materials.
UV/FX SCENIC PRODUCTIONS - (USA) wide range of ultraviolet products and FX.
WELCH ALLYN - (USA) miniature medical lighting.
WENDELIGHTING - (USA) projection  and strip lighting (gallery/museum).
WILDFIRE - (USA) ultraviolet lamps, products and effects.
WYBRON - (USA) automated color changers.

Lamp Manufacrturers.
DURO TEST LIGHTING - (Canada) energy saving and speciality lamps.
E.G & G. - (USA) flash, xenon, arc and speciality lamps.
GENERAL ELECTRIC - (USA) GE Lighting - lamps, all types.
LIGHT SOURCES INC. - (USA) custom, UV,  and special fluorescent lamps.
LUMITEK INTERNATIONAL INC. - (USA) electroluminescent (flat) lamps.
OSRAM lamps, all types.
PANASONIC compact fluorescent lamps.
PHILIPS LIGHTING lamps, all types. Has link to Philips Europe site.
RADIUM - (Germany) lamps for all applications.
SYLVANIA lamps, all types.
TAILORED LIGHTING INC. - (USA) MR16's with low UV & IR (museum & gallery).
USHIO lamps, stage and studio.
VENTURE LIGHTING lamps, metal halide, top quality.