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Lighting - Associations
ALI Aerospace Lighting Institute - (USA)
ALA American Lighting Association
ADC Associated Designers of Canada
ALD Association of Lighting Designers (UK)
CIE International Commission on Illumination - (Vienna)
CITT Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology
HLSC Historic Lighting Society of Canada
IAEEL International Association for Energy Efficient Lighting
IALD International Association of Lighting Designers - (USA)
IDA International Dark-Sky Association
IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers - (UK) 
IES-NA Illuminating Engineering Society - (North America)
IES-ANZQ Illuminating Engineering Society - (Australia and New Zealand)
IGOLR International Guild of Lamp Researchers. (antique lighting)
ILDA International Laser Display Association
ISOE International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
NLB National Lighting Bureau - (USA).
NCQLP National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions - (USA) 
PLASA Professional Lighting and Sound Association - (UK) (combined with ESTA)
STVLD Society of Television Lighting Designers - (UK)
USA United Scenic Artists - (USA)
USITT United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Lighting - Books 

AMAZON.COM (USA) - 'lighting' search - (over 1000 titles).
BARNES & NOBLE  (USA) - 'lighting' search - (over 500 titles).
DRAMA BOOKSHOP (USA) - home page.
MUSIC BOOKS PLUS (Canada) - home page.
MUSIC BOOKS PLUS (Canada) - 'lighting books' - (also search other subjects).
THEATRE BOOKS (Canada) - home page.

Lighting - Education
CARNEGIE MELLON - (USA) Theatre: Lighting Design.
HOCHSCHULE WISMAR - (Germany) Architecture: Master of Arch. Lighting Design.
INDIANA UNIVERSITY - (USA) Theatre - MFA in Lighting.
PENN STATE SCHOOL OF THEATRE ARTS Theatre - Masters of Fine Arts Lighting Design.
PENN STATE - (USA) Architecture - Architectural Lighting Design.
SMU - MEADOWS SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Theatre - MFA in Design. (Dallas).
THE BANFF CENTRE - (Canada) Theatre - Design and Stagecraft.
THE THEATER SCHOOL - (Chicago) Theatre - Graduate Lighting Design Program.
UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA - (USA) Theatre - Masters of Fine Arts Lighting Design.
UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON - (USA) Theatre - MFA, Lighting Design.
YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA - (USA) Theatre - several design & lighting degrees.
YORK UNIVERSITY - (Canada) Theatre - Fine Arts - MFA design.

Lighting - Publications
HOME LIGHTING MAGAZINE (USA) - residential and commercial lighting.
(USA) - theatre & entertainment related.
PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING MAGAZINE (Canada) - architectural & entertainment lighting.
PRO LIGHTING & STAGING NEWS (USA) - concert, theatre & entertainment related.
THEATRE DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY (USA) - theatre related, from USITT.

Lighting - Software
ALADAN  - (USA, by GE) architectural lighting software. (download).
CAST LIGHTING - (Canada) theatre and concert - lighting design software.
COMPULITE - (Israel) entertainment lighting - CompuCad - free demo.
LITEPRO - (USA) architectural, from Columbia Lighting.
CRESIT SOFTWARE  theatre: lighting software.
DESIGN AND DRAFTING INC. - entertainment lighting software.
ELITE SOFTWARE - (USA) architectural lighting software.
GELFILE - (USA) theatre, color filter database, from G.A.M.
JOHN MCKERNON SOFTWARE theatre: 'Lightwright' and 'Beamwright'.
LIGHTBEAMS by General Electric nice program for PAR, R and MR lamps - free
LIGHTCALC - (USA) architectural software (under $100 US)
LIGHTING ANALYSTS - (USA) architectural lighting software.
LUX ART - (Canada) entertainment lighting and truss design - 3D.
MSZ DESIGN - USA entertainment lighting, Autoblock,  for AutoCad.
PAUL PELLETIER SOFTWARE - (Canada) entertainment lighting, freeware.
RADIANCE - (USA) rendering software (from L.B.N.L.) (UNIX based)
RELUX INFORMAMATIK AG architectural software - free demos.
SUPERLITE 2.0 - (USA) architectural lighting software, - free
THORN - (UK) architectural lighting software, - free
VIRTUAL LIGHT LAB - (USA) nice entertainment lighting software.
VXC0 - (Switzerland) PC based DMX-512 software & controller.

Lighting - Tools
ACT METERS LTD. - (UK) handheld digital light meters.
FIELD TEMPLATE FAMILY - (USA) plastic drafting templates - lighting symbols.
GOSSEN LIGHT METERS - (from Bogen) photographic light meters (Germany).
INTERNATIONAL LIGHT - (USA) light measurement systems (and information).
LIGHTING ASSOCIATES - (USA) plastic drafting templates - lighting symbols.
MINOLTA CORP. - (USA) light meters, color meters.
SEKONIC METERS - (USA site) handheld light meters for photography.
SPECTRA CINE INC. - (USA) handheld light meters for photography.
TECHNIKA - (USA) hand held light meters, several models.

Other Light & Lighting Sites

DON KLIPSTEIN'S LIGHTING INFO CENTRE - (Lighting Theory) - This site has an excellent collection of lighting related documents dealing with the basic and advanced theory of light sources. (stars 5)

LIGHTING AND ELECTRONICS. from ePANORAMA.NET.  This is an outstanding site with a wealth of electronics related lighting information. Everything you want to know about lighting and electronics (and more) can be found here. Absolutely outstanding! (Thanks to Tom Engdahl) (5+ stars)

LIGHTING.COM - (Architectural lighting) - This is a well presented site with a good Lighting Search Engine, Lighting News, Lighting Links and a Lighting Forum. (4 stars)

LIGHTING RESEARCH CENTER - (Architectural lighting) - This is quite a large resource site, featuring  general, educational and product related information. There are many good links to other lighting resources.  the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA. (5 stars)

LIGHTING SYSTEMS INC. - (Architectural lighting) - a largely commercial site representing about 60 major lighting manufacturers. They have link pages, news, resources, and stuff to read. (4 stars)

LIGHTSEARCH.COM - (Architectural lighting) - From Inter-Light (USA). This site has a search engine to find a specific lighting manufacturer or product. There are over 3500 lighting companies in the data base, and all have phone numbers but only a few have web site links. (4 stars)

LIGHTSEEK - (Architectural Lighting) This is a resource site for the UK lighting industry, complete with Lighting News, a Product and Buyer's Guide and a Lighting Forum. (3 stars)

THE LIGHTING CENTER - (Architectural lighting) -  A site with links to manufacturers, contractors and consultants. (limited) By Edge Enterprises (USA) - (2 stars)

THE LIGHTING RESOURCE - (Architectural lighting) - a wide range of lighting resources and links with quite a few documents to read. (4 stars)

LIGHTING MANUFACTURER'S LIST - (Architectural) - A comprehensive list of links - ftom (4 stars)