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Professional Design Consultants

We are professional consultants engaged in the fields of theatre facility consulting and architectural lighting design.

 Bill Williams and Associates was established in central Canada, in the early 1970's. Today, we have more than 30 years (and 500 project credits) of experience, working on a wide variety of domestic and international projects.

Our projects include work across Canada, and in the U.S.A., the U.K., Europe, Asia, and South America. Our associates include leading specialty consultants from around the world, assembled on a project by project basis. Over the years, we have produced many successful, unique, and award winning designs in our travels to over thirty-five different countries.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting deals with the human response to the luminous environment. Architectural lighting was once the science of simply providing appropriate illumination. Today, architectural lighting is a complex merger of art, science, technology, psychology, and human aesthetics. 

Our architectural lighting projects include; hotels, casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, offices and theatres. Our speciality work includes projects for museums, galleries and large scale automated exhibits. We take a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach to all stages of each project, from design development to project completion.

Theatre Consultants

Bill Williams and  Associates are experienced Theatre Consultants. As such, we advise the Architect (or Owner) in the proper planning and development of performing arts spaces, theatres and auditoriums. Our services usually include consulting towards the layout of all areas, including the theatre, auditorium, lobby, backstage, and all public spaces. 

We also  provide detailed designs, specifications and tender documents for all  stage equipment, including; seating, lighting, electrical, rigging, drapery, audio, paging, etc. We have acted as theatre consultants to both new and renovated facilities and have participated in many design and pre-costing studies.

Production Lighting

Bill Williams - is also a well known Canadian stage lighting designer.  He has designed the lighting for many 100's of  productions, including large scale environmental events, television specials, Olympic Ceremonies, World Expo's, Royal Visits, and Theme Park projects. 

As a stage lighting designer, his work has been seen from Vancouver to New York, to London's West End. He has designed for many of Canada's leading theatre, opera, and dance companies, and with other companies from around the world. He is also an author, teacher and photographer. Bill Williams is the founder, director and CEO of Bill Williams and Associates.